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I promise to be kind and true.

And represent the Firebirds in all I do.</p>

Welcome to the Academy of Math and Science - Camelback

We are a kindergarten through 8th grade college-prep charter school with award-winning academics and a wide selection of extracurricular activities and competitive athletics.  In the 2015-2016 school year, AMSC's first year of existence, AMSC outperformed 75% of surrounding schools on the AzMERIT.  AMS Camelback is the school you have been looking for that will provide your children with challenging curriculum and all the support necessary to help them achieve their academic dreams and be successful in life. When our students leave these halls, they are prepared to achieve at the highest academic level, in whichever setting they choose.

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Staggered Release Times

Attention Parents - 

We will be having staggered release times at AMS Camelback due to our high student enrollment numbers.

Our dismissal times will be as follows:



Grades K-2   2:45 pm

Grades 3-8   3:15 pm

Remediation (by invitation only)  4:00 pm



Grade K      11:30 am

Grades 1-2   12:00 pm

Grades 3-5   12:30 pm

Grades 6-8    1:00 pm

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